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The AMT&C Group is a recognized leader in the markets of South America, Former Soviet Union and Europe in the field of new magnetic materials and technologies. It is specialized in design and manufacture of the products for domestic and industrial applications on the basis of permanent magnets.

R&D activity of the AMT&C Group based on 30 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism and it's applications and focused on such areas of modern applied magnetism as magnetic separation, nonvolatile shut-off gas valves, high performance PMSM motors with extremely high efficiency up to 98.5%, the treatment of cancer and precision controlled by a magnetic field desorption of targeted drugs, magnetic refrigeration, scientific instrumentation and methods of nanoscale and nanostructured materials manufacture.

The potential of the AMT&C Group is also realized in design and modeling of a wide range of magnetic field sources for science and industry. The AMT&C Group produces magnetic separators of all types and models. The AMT&C Group is one of the world leaders in the field of flexible magnets with volume of sales more then 100 containers per year. All 11 companies of the AMT&C Group provide consulting services in applications of magnets and magnetic materials.

Copyrights and rights for commercial use of the technologies and magnetic materials designed by the AMT&C Group are validated by 29 patents, certificates and licenses. The highest international quality standards functioning in the companies of the AMT&C group.

LLC "Polymagnet St. Petersburg" (AMT&C Group) has developed and applied patents for a simple-design wheel motor to be used for a vehicle     Yuri Litovchuk was appointed as a General Director of LLC "Polymagnet", Kiev     The delegation of AMT&C Group took part in the strategic session on the development of the Trinity innovation cluster     The journal "Science and Technology of Russia" published an article devoted to wireless power transmission technology developed by LLC "FTM"     The "Expert" journal published an article about the new gas valve designed by LLC AMT&C     The project of energy efficient electric motor by LLC "FMT" was the awardee of innovative projects contest     The "Expert" journal published an article devoted to the development of the fundamentally new engine by LLC FMT company     The "Kommersant Money" magazine noted the participation of AMT&C Group in innovative developments in the field of aviation     15 years since the founding of LLC AMT&C, the first company of AMT&C Group     "Polymagnet" LLC Moscow received the status of "reliable supplier"     Deputy. General Director of "Farmag" LLC Vladimir Zverev won the "scientific battles"     International Symposium on Magnetism MISM-2014 took place     General Director of LLC "AMT&C" Yuri Spichkin spoke about the project on the development of magnetic refrigerator     An article by LLC "Farmag" (AMT&C Group) staff in "Solid State Phenomena" journal     TV channel "Russia 24" spoke about the rare-earth magnet motor engine developed by LLC "FMT" (AMT&C Group)     LLC "FMT" (AMT&C Group) has been certified quality management     New article of AMT&C Group Employees in "Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter"     A regular issue of the yearbook "Magnetics Technology International" have published an article by the Deputy General Director of LLC AMT&C (AMT&C Group)     Companies of AMT&C Group formed the nucleus of the priority innovative direction «Center «New rare earth materials»